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Short Story Dispenser

About the Dispenser 

Short Edition is a company based in France that has developed a short story dispensing machine. The machine is a thin tower that function similar to an ATM (see photo below). Users select either a one, three, or five minute story that prints on a piece of receipt paper, and they can enjoy a story while waiting in line, having a coffee, or in our case, waiting for a flight.

These machines are in use all over France and the United States (San Francisco, Penn State, Boston). EIA is the first Canadian location, and the second airport in the world (after Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport), to showcase one of these machines. 

This free-to-use machine will provide passengers with a fun taste of local writers and international writers from top travel destinations (Netherlands, Iceland, London, France, specifically).




Showcasing Local Talent at Gate 64 and Beyond

The recognition for local authors who are participating in this program is twofold. Firstly, they receive the exposure from not only our machine, but every single machine internationally. Secondly, every time their stories are printed internationally, they will receive a small amount of financial recognition.

So far, we have 78 local authors included in the machine; if you'd like to be considered to be included, please email

Note: This list will be updated regularly, and is not an all-inclusive list of authors.


Featured local artists include: 

Author Title of Work
Jason Lee Norman City of Champions, West Edmonton Mall, YMCA
Glenn Cook Picnics
Jana Pruden Lane from Connecticut 
Jennifer Lavalee Aloha from Hawaii
Wendy McGrath Sisyphus, The Troggs’ Drummer’s Nephew
Steven Sandor Evie Nagy Stops Time Again
Thomas Trofimuk The Ambassador’s Wife
Michael Hingston The Capital
Matthew Stepanic Fluvial Processes
Jessica Kluthe Triple Island City
Bree Barkwell YEG Airport
Christie Schultz Birds of Edmonton